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The goal of the project is to establish the first Nitrogen-Phosphorous-Potassium (NPK) blending plant in Rwanda. The project will work to blend fertilizers for the Rwandan market and secondarily, Burundi, Uganda and the DRC. The plant will replace imports of ready-made NPK fertilizer blends with locally blended standard and customized blends from imported raw materials. ENAS’ fertilizer blending capacity will increase to 30,000 tons per year.


A unique aspect of this project is that farmers can have their soil analysed and based on the soil analysis, the crop and crop’s growth stage, custom-made NPK blend can be prepared for them. This ability to customize will result in a more effective and thus less expensive application of fertilizer and less overuse, which will in turn limit water pollution from its chemicals (especially nitrogen) in surface and sub-surface water resources.


ENAS’ technicians will be responsible for taking soil samples, given their close proximity to and relationship with farmers. The soil samples will be analysed at ENAS soil laboratory located at our Head Quarter at Nyandungu Road. Our technicians will be responsible of taking farmers' samples in their respective lands. The results are normally delivered within the next 48 hours; with suggestion of crops and fertilizers adapted to the farmer's land.