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Production of dairy beef, has become an important part of the overall supply of beef in Rwanda. With the decline in the veal market, the supply of calves for beef markets has increased. Animals that are fed early with grain-based diets and slaughtered at 12 to 14 months produce meat that is well marbled and tender, and has become popular with consumers.


Starter calves are fed a milk replacer for about 45 days before weaning. Producers make sure to use only a good-quality milk replacer because there can be wide variations in quality. If producers also operate a dairy, pasteurized waste milk is used to start the calves instead of more expensive milk replacer. In addition to milk, a good-quality, palatable grain mix is introduced to dairy beef calves during their early stages of growth.


Milk has been used by humans since the beginning of recorded time to provide both fresh and storable nutritious foods. In Rwanda almost half the milk produced is consumed as fresh pasteurized whole, low-fat, or skim milk. However, most milk is manufactured into more stable dairy products of worldwide commerce, such as butter, cheese, dried milks, ice cream, and condensed milk. ENAS provide one of the best quality of milk available on the market.